Photographing the Sydney Opera House

During my recent trip to Australia, I photographed the dramatic and unforgettable Sydney Opera House. Since its completion in 1973, the Sydney Opera House has become Australia's most recognizable building and has attracted worldwide acclaim for its design and construction. Located at the end of Bennelong Point, it is the focal point of Sydney Harbor and can be seen and experienced from all sides.  It took 16 years to build and is a masterpiece of modern architectural design, engineering and construction technology exhibiting the creative genius of its designer, the Pritzker Prize winner Danish architect Jorn Utzon. The sculptural building with its soaring white roof shell shaped sails sits atop a red granite platform influenced by Utzon's experience of Mayan architecture in Mexico. It was his intention to create a sculptural form that would relate as naturally to the harbor as the sails of its yachts. The Sydney Opera House includes a concert hall, opera and drama theaters, a playhouse and a studio. It is truly a magnificent sight to behold.